Wednesday, May 20, 2009

C.S. Lewis is Overrated

Finally Got Time do do a new comic. Sorry about the absence.

C.S. Lewis: Nuff Said.



  1. Sigh...Oh Jon, I just want to leave you alone about this and let you go on your merry way, but being as I am, I can't let someone like you, who reads a lot of books, just throw C.S. Lewis under the bus like that. It's more than just allegory, its a story retold. Would you hold Douglas Adams to the same standard? Or how about Heinlein or Crichton? Both of these great writers had characters with NO motivation whatsoever other than washing dishes or staying with a crazy lady in a hospital. Aslan also knew he was supposed to die because it was for a reason greater than he. Now I think I'm out of space...

  2. I've never read anything by Adams or Heinlein, even though I know I should. So I can't comment. I do honestly think Chrihton is really overrated too. Though he's still no James Patterson on that front.

    I think the "greater than" argument is kind of a cop out considering his death doesn't just concern himself and there's really no tangible benefit from it in the long run. It sort of plays itself out for no real reason, other than "retelling a story". I also think C.S. is technically a good writer and probably could have come up with something better and more awe inspiring. Instead of just ripping off bible stories.